Monday, January 13, 2014

Urban Decay Brow Box

The best brows EVER can be found here at Sephora. I am the girl who put's eyebrows on, instead of eye shadow, if I'm short on time because they are just that important. Can you imagine hanging up a painting on the wall with no frame? That is exactly how people look with their eyebrows missing, so what if they have naturally dark eyebrows, penciling your eyebrows in is the difference between a decent frame and a very fancy frame. IT'S A BIG DEAL. This Urban Decay Eyebrow kit has a wax rather than a gel to tame those brows so you get smooth eybrows, not crunchy brows. An added bonus is that they have two separate kits, one for blondes (Honey Pot) and one for brunettes (Brown Sugar). Then in each kit they have two colors. I love this because as my hair color varies through the seasons I can change my eyebrows or mix and match the two to get the perfect shade. Underneath the colors and wax you have mini tweezers and a brow brush for each color, this makes it so convenient for the road so you don't have to take your entire brush collection. And if you're a terrible person and like to do your makeup in the car (guilty) it's extra convenient. My sister and I tried this at Sephora and when we walked out of the store without it we both felt sick. I remember her saying after a moment of silence on our car ride home "are you thinking about those Urban Decay eyebrows too?". We laughed and of course I knew at that moment I had to have them. If you're a little hesitant about spending $30 on an eyebrow kit that you've never tried head in to Sephora right now to try it out for free, you probably won't leave the store without purchasing it.

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