Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't be a Tarte.

If you wan't el naturale, look no further. I love the radiant glow this gives me. Even at my palest, I looked like I had been outside in the sun for the afternoon. I loved the gentle sun kissed look. I got on Tarte's website to check out some of the ingredients because I heard they pride themselves in being a natural line and I was pretty surprised when I found the ingredient list.

Contains:Vitamins A & E, Vitamin C, Grape seed extract, Mineral pigments.
What it doesn't have in it: Paraben, Phthalate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Dye, NO ANIMAL TESTING.
For more info on the ingredients they use check here. To add this to your ULTA cart click this link to shop at Sephora click here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Show a little merci.

I know, I know, it has been a while since I posted. It has been a crazy week full of home renovations and wild game barbecue's. But I have a little treat in store for you. If you haven't tried or heard of laura mercier click the link below to find out more. This foundation is just the right amount of coverage for everyday use. If you don't want something that's going to cake on your face but you want a good foundation that minimizes pores and hides blemishes this is for you. This works great for sensitive skin or skin that tends to break out with minimal makeup because it is SO natural. If on a scale of 1 being the least amount of coverage you can get and 10 being the most, this is probably a 6 or 7. It comes highly recommended from the makeup artists at Sephora. I have seen this foundation in action guys, it's great. Saw it, used it, loved it. Find it here.

Tips for use:
Apply with a brush for minimal coverage. Gently brush foundation on top of concealer and then set with a makeup setting spray or use a sponge to apply foundation on top of liquid foundation or concealer for maximum coverage.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Salty like the Sea

This is everything you want for your face and more. It exfoliates, hydrates and cleanses all at the same time. It contains avocado and coconut oils to hydrate, this is excellent since my face is always dry here in the desert state. It contains lime and vodka so I strongly dislike getting this salty tang in my mouth, however these two ingredients are the key to disinfecting your skin and killing bacteria which prevents breakouts and blackheads. I love the exfoliating factor in here which is coarse salt. It's not so harsh on your skin but still gives a nice buffer. I HATE washing my face over the sink, I'm obviously not skilled enough because I get water all over my sleeves and somehow both the counter and the floor end up drenched. So I store this in my shower and use it 3-4 times a week. My husband uses it before he shaves occasionally and it prevents breakouts and ingrown hairs. I love how this balances out the pH in my skin. You can find it here at Lush.

Tips for use:
Wet your face and then take a small teaspoon sized amount and apply to cheeks slowly working your way up by your temples and down to your jawline and neck. Scrub until the salt is dissolved and your face feels smooth and then rinse. I still moisturize after drying my face because I get an extremely dry face, so you be the judge after your first try.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bomb's go Boom

Best bath bombs ever. This is what my bathtub looked like after dropping the bombs into the water, fun right? My skin felt like butter when I got done soaking in a hot bath of this glorious product. The best part is, it's all natural. You can find these delectable bath bomb's at Lush. They have a HUGE assortment and I refused to go on my honeymoon without a few of these. I'm so glad I brought them because they worked miracles during my daily baths. My favorite: the SEX BOMB, it smells to die for! I have probably tried 15 different scents and I have loved them all so far! My sister doesn't like spending $5 per bath so she takes a hammer and breaks them apart, I however like VERY pigmented, scented water so I just save them for special occasions. I have tried chiseling a piece off and it works good, but you will enjoy it more if you go all out and toss the whole bomb in with a big BOOM!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Urban Decay Brow Box

The best brows EVER can be found here at Sephora. I am the girl who put's eyebrows on, instead of eye shadow, if I'm short on time because they are just that important. Can you imagine hanging up a painting on the wall with no frame? That is exactly how people look with their eyebrows missing, so what if they have naturally dark eyebrows, penciling your eyebrows in is the difference between a decent frame and a very fancy frame. IT'S A BIG DEAL. This Urban Decay Eyebrow kit has a wax rather than a gel to tame those brows so you get smooth eybrows, not crunchy brows. An added bonus is that they have two separate kits, one for blondes (Honey Pot) and one for brunettes (Brown Sugar). Then in each kit they have two colors. I love this because as my hair color varies through the seasons I can change my eyebrows or mix and match the two to get the perfect shade. Underneath the colors and wax you have mini tweezers and a brow brush for each color, this makes it so convenient for the road so you don't have to take your entire brush collection. And if you're a terrible person and like to do your makeup in the car (guilty) it's extra convenient. My sister and I tried this at Sephora and when we walked out of the store without it we both felt sick. I remember her saying after a moment of silence on our car ride home "are you thinking about those Urban Decay eyebrows too?". We laughed and of course I knew at that moment I had to have them. If you're a little hesitant about spending $30 on an eyebrow kit that you've never tried head in to Sephora right now to try it out for free, you probably won't leave the store without purchasing it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

GHD, worth it or not?

I know it is hard to make the call for most of you. $90, $120, $180, is my hair worth that much when I can make a $30 flat iron from Walmart work? Well I've got news for you! A decent flat iron is NOT good enough. Yes, your style might look pretty good, and yes it might last long enough for you to save up for another $30 flat iron, but it does damage your hair. The problem with inexpensive flat irons isn't the price. It is the fact that they don't have the funds for the science, research and technology needed to protect your hair. My current GHD doesn't have a thermal dial because it doesn't need one. Sure if I were really dumb and held it in one spot, it would burn the hair that it was exposed to. But if I use it as directed and slowly move down the shaft of hair it will never burn because the GHD auto adjusts and the temp never goes high enough to burn your hair (if used properly) but is still excellent for styling. The other plus, for you ladies like me that can be forgetful, is that it turns off automatically after 30 minutes of not being used to prevent fires. Pure genius. The plates are extremely nice and your hair doesn't get caught and pulled which prevents split ends. My hair is honestly the healthiest it has ever been since I bought this flat iron last year. Ladies, this retails for $185.00 here at Ulta. I am a firm believer that this can change your hair, so much in fact, that if you are friends or clients I would be happy to get you a discount just contact me for info or leave a comment.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gimme Some Suga

Ladies and Gents, I give you the number one secret to the softest lips. I recently purchased these products and will be doing a one week challenge for before and after pics. My goal is to use these products at least once daily. One of my favorite readers told me she has been doing this for a few days and her husband commented (without knowing she started this) on how extremely soft her lips were. I swear my lips are always chapped in the winter time. Growing up I would pull the dry skin off of my lips until they bled, gross I know. Unfortunately, I have the scars to prove it. So I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in the lips department. You can try it with me or hang around for my next post on this topic to see how it worked for me.

Tips for application:
Get some Lansinoh Lanolin here. Apply a thin layer to your lips twice daily after scrubbing with the Lush Sugar Lip Scrub. I know this isn't the best smelling product but it is safe for your mouth because HELLO, it goes on your nips while your nursing a baby and will work wonders on your lips.
Get your sugar lips here at Lush. They have a variety of flavors but I have always loved the mint flavor because it gives me a quick burst of fresh breath after licking my lips clean. Start by using once daily and if that doesn't cut it try bumping it up to twice a day.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Iron man? Nope, Iron Shape.

This is that mystery product that your stylist sprays when styling your hair before you can catch what the name of it is. Then suddenly the room starts to smell nice and your opinion of thermal heat protection completely changes. I've used my fair share of heat sprays. Your hair feels oily and your style lasts maybe a day? It's ridiculous, I would rather have damaged hair than put that on my freshly dried hair. This product is a breath of fresh air in the department of heat protection. It's goal is to protect and serve your hair (Like Iron Man does for America). My sister always says "Mmmm, I have got to get some of that, it smells so freaking delicious!" You won't be disappointed.

Tips for use:
Clip up your hair up into sections leaving a small portion down. Mist the bottom section and let dry for several seconds before applying heat. Flat Iron as usual and repeat until hair is finished. This product will steam a little bit, but that is what you want. If it weren't steaming that means it is all staying on your hair leaving an oily residue. PLEH!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A real work of art.

TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray 9.5oz
As you all know, I am a product junkie, but if there is one thing that gets me every time it is a product that works and smells delicious. Ding ding ding, we have a winner. This hairspray is one of my best holding hairsprays and it smells like a tropical pineapple paradise. Sometimes when I use this hairspray I feel like I can skip perfume. I like to use it for up-do's and formal hair styles but it also works well to hold curls or simply tame flyaway's. 
Masterpiece can be found at any beauty supply store or here at Ulta.

Tips for use: I like to mist my hair with a good hairspray before I start the curling process, this will help your curls last all day. Can I tell you all a secret tip that gives me the best results? Get ready because this very well could be my favorite hair tip of all time. A toothbrush. I know what you're thinking "What? Did she just say a toothbrush?" You can bet your bottom dollar I did! Get an old toothbrush, then boil it or run it under hot water and designate this as your hair toothbrush. Mist the toothbrush with hairspray and then comb down from your part. Your flyaway's will disappear and you won't be left with a nasty crunchy part. I love clean hair but I hate having to decide between having flyaway's or making my blowout last longer, problem and solution. Voila. Enjoy.

Marc Jacobs

I don't know if you ladies have tried any Daisy products, but it is one of my favorite fragrances. Marc Jacobs really nailed the scent it smells fresh and alluring. The gel didn't dry out my skin at all and the scent lasted forever! I cannot even express how much I love love love using the shower gel and perfume of the same fragrance. It changes everything about wearing perfume. It last's longer, it smells stronger, well not necessarily stronger but more pure and true to the scent. And even after your perfume fades towards the end of the day, there is still a hint of this shower gel that lingers on your skin. If you don't wear daisy you need to try this shower gel, if you do wear daisy you will absolutely adore the combination of both the gel and the spray. If you wear a perfume that offers a shower gel in the same scent regardless of what it is, please consider using both shower gel and perfume, you won't be disappointed. You can find a great deal on a Daisy fragrance kit here or get just the shower gel here.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's about to get Real up in here.

The other day I was doing makeup for someone's family photos and I chose to use They're Real by benefit for the clients mascara, it worked wonders on her lashes. It didn't clump or flake and lasted the entire day. This has been the number one mascara to watch ladies. Try it out and you won't be disappointed. Ulta offers a mini version as kind of a tester for only $10, a full tube can be found here.

Tips for use:
Curl lashes as usual and apply starting at the base moving side to side as you work your way to the tip of the lash. Apply a second coat when your lashes become tacky but don't allow them to dry completely. Repeat until you receive desired length and fullness.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The BEST faux tan EVER!

I was unfortunate enough to inherit my fathers pale, PALE skin. I always tell my husband that my skin would be a sight for sore eyes in the 1800's, however I was born in the 90's where tan skin and beach blonde hair trump any freckle-free pale beauty. I don't know about you readers, but I have tried my fair share of tanning lotion. I have fought these pasty legs for years now, I've experienced streaking so bad my legs looked like candy canes. I have also sat scrubbing in the shower for a good hour trying to get the oompa loompa look off my arms. I've been orange, striped, brown, black, orange, yellow and orange. But never have I found a tanning lotion that looked somewhat natural until I found this miracle in a tube. It goes on fairly pigmented so you can nip any noticeable streaks in the bud before they settle into your skin for several days. It also goes on with a brown pigment instead of orange so there is no noticeable fake orange look which you would get with most other tanning lotions. Another thing I have really enjoyed about this product is that I can change the opaqueness during the application process by simply adding normal lotion to the mixture. Like all tanning lotions, it is not completely odorless, in fact my husband can tell when I have used it even hours after it has dried. It is the most normal smelling tanning lotion I have used, but still, there is a price to pay when avoiding harmful rays and still getting a glorious tan. The tan comes in two colors Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I use the lighter one in the winter and the darker one in the summer when my skin has a bit more of a base tan. The down side: it doesn't last for more than a day or two. With that being said, I think this product is definitely worth a try. I would rather have a good tan that doesn't last forever, than a crappy one that lasts a week. I'll let you be the judge, you can find So Bronze self tanner here.

Tips for use:
After exfoliating and shaving the area, dry thoroughly with a towel. I like to apply a small amount of unpigmented lotion to my rougher/dry areas (i.e. knees, ankles, knuckles, elbows). Then take a small portion of tanning lotion in hand and apply to desired area. The trick here is rubbing it in with an even amount of pressure. You wont have long to get it even before it starts to dry in place so try not to play with it, the more you rub it around the messier tan you will get. IF you see any noticeable streaks after the point of no return, then get an old towel and gently buffer the streaky areas until it appears smooth and even. Wash palms immediately with soap and water. Let the tan air dry before putting any clothes on. Any stains that may get on your clothes should come out in the wash, but you should wait a few minutes just to play it safe. Lastly, enjoy your gorgeous golden tan.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Buxom Gloss

 I pick and choose which glosses work for me. Bare Essentials does have a few glosses that I enjoy, this is not one of them. I enjoy the tingly feeling it gives shortly after using it, but it feels heavy on my lips and I have never had such a bad case of monster mouth in my life! For those of you who don't know what monster mouth is, it is the phrase my sisters and I use to describe the strings of lip gloss that connect the top and bottom lip after using either a bad lip gloss or simply too much of it. 
Bare Essentials claims that this gloss plumps the lips so that they appear larger. Maybe my lips are so tiny that nothing can make them appear larger, but I didn't see the results I was promised. In fact I ended up wiping the gloss off because it was so gosh darn sticky. If monster mouth doesn't bother you folks, then be my guest. But I will not be purchasing anymore buxom gloss. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a 10! Or is it more like a 7?

When I first heard about this product I was pretty excited to try it. Luckily I get free samples quite often that I test out for a few weeks before fully committing to a product. I heard great things about it's a 10. I don't know if I got my hopes up too high, or if the product just didn't live up to it's name, either way, it fell FLAT. The product does detangle, there is a possibility it proteinizes the hair, and it smells delicious. Unfortunately, I have never had a product create so much build-up so quickly. I avoided spraying my scalp directly when using it, and it still makes this film on my hair. If you are looking for a good-smelling detangler for you mid-shaft and ends, it is worth a try. But I would not recommend using this more than twice monthly and definitely avoid your scalp! If you are looking for a good bi-weekly detangling spray, check out my review of Paul Mitchel Detangler here.

The Lion Tamer

A few years back my sister got this product for her kids, she eventually started using it on her own hair and shortly after began recommending it to everyone. I of course had to try it out for myself. Hands down it is the best detangling/taming spray that I have tried. It is light weight and doesn't leave any residue on your hair. I go through a LOT of this product in the summer time. I hate when my hair feels like straw after swimming, Paul Mitchell Taming Spray completely reverses that icky, dry feeling. This product helps prevent split ends and breakage.

Tips for use:
After cleansing and conditioning the hair, towel dry to remove as much excess moisture as possible. Mist the mid-shaft and ends of your hair with Paul Mitchell Taming Spray then comb through with a WIDE TOOTH COMB. I cannot stress how important this step is. When your hair is wet it has more give to it, so if you are tugging hard your hair will actually stretch until it snaps right off. If you use a wide tooth comb with the combination of a good taming spray, your hair will have enough room to scoot around the teeth of the comb instead of being forced through or wrapped around the teeth of a smaller comb.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mint Julep Masque

The Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is one of my favorite cheap finds in 2013. It works as well as any top notch masque and can be purchased at both Ulta and Walgreens. I was skeptical that it would live up to it's name at first, but now I'm a firm believer. My pores were in need of some serious help. I knew there was no way I could get rid of all the blackheads on my nose without using a tool of some sort to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until my nose was bruised and bloody; we've all been there. But this masque showed me, just 15 minutes after application I could actually see the oil and blackheads begin to surface. My reaction? SHOCK and AWE people, shock and awe! My skin was so refreshed that I honestly thought someone pushed the reset button on my face. Try it once, it will be the best purchase under $5 you've made in a long time!

Tips for use:
Wash your face with hot water, and dry completely. Put a fairly thick layer of the mask on your face and neck, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and try to hide the look of disgust from your face as you view your results. Wash with luke warm water and moisturize with a non-oil based moisturizer, that is light and water based.