Monday, February 3, 2014

Sleep deprived or well rested?

Hey readers, so I am officially the worst blogger out there. I was making a goal to post everyday so you'd have a lot to read, but that is just too darn stressful in my hectic life. So I'm setting a new more achievable goal of 3 times a week. 

Sleep Deprived?
This product is my miracle worker when I'm not getting enough sleep and we've all been there (New mom's). This is not concealer but it is an under eye brightening powder that completely wakes you up and adds 5 extra hours of sleep to those under eye dark circles. This is a matte powder so you don't look shiny, but very natural. Bare Essentials, Well Rested is not an everyday product, but when you need it, you NEED it, and it really pays off. Find well rested here at Nordstrom.