Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bomb's go Boom

Best bath bombs ever. This is what my bathtub looked like after dropping the bombs into the water, fun right? My skin felt like butter when I got done soaking in a hot bath of this glorious product. The best part is, it's all natural. You can find these delectable bath bomb's at Lush. They have a HUGE assortment and I refused to go on my honeymoon without a few of these. I'm so glad I brought them because they worked miracles during my daily baths. My favorite: the SEX BOMB, it smells to die for! I have probably tried 15 different scents and I have loved them all so far! My sister doesn't like spending $5 per bath so she takes a hammer and breaks them apart, I however like VERY pigmented, scented water so I just save them for special occasions. I have tried chiseling a piece off and it works good, but you will enjoy it more if you go all out and toss the whole bomb in with a big BOOM!

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